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Bali and me

Silver Tip Sharks
Why winter diving is amazing

Dear Critters,
I have a confession to make. As much as I love diving several times a week in water so cold I can barely feel my legs, travelling to Bali in May for some tropical therapy was more temptation than my frozen toes could resist. Besides, over the last few years, my beloved Spunky Abe appears to have become a Warm Water Princess, denouncing Melbourne diving and declining any location that requires more than a 5mm.

The Silver Tip Whaler is my favourite shark of all. Known correctly as Carcharius albimarginata, they are the perfect shark. Sleek, streamlined and beautiful do not do them justice. They are magnificent!
Silver Tip Whalers are dangerous and have been known to attack humans. However, like many sharks, they are very cautious.
I have dived with them many times.

When you talk about diving in winter your non diving friends usually cringe away in horror at the idea of cold water. They can’t understand for the life of them why anyone would want to play in the ocean when  it's winter. The truth is that diving in the colder months of the year is often just as if not more amazing than diving in the warmer months.
The first and most prominent reason to dive in the colder months is that visibility is usually top notch.

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