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‘The Empire Heritage represents a time capsule of World War Two, a silent part of the world where images of a historic conflict stand still. Leigh Bishop brings these images of a fascinating shipwreck and her unusual cargo to the surface, as well as the survivor’s tale of convoy HXF 305.’
OFTEN have I heard technical divers refer to the wreck of ‘Empire Heritage’ as that of a Thistlegrom in British waters! A case for debate or not, in my opinion questionable, however having dived the Empire Heritage on several occasions it must be said that her unusual cargo is indeed an extraordinary sight. . . 

We’ve dived on shipwrecks in many different places, but this was the strangest we’d ever seen. A fishing boat had settled on the top of a two kilometre high reef wall! The location was spectacular, but so was the wreck’s orientation - it was vertical!
UEPI Island is in one of the most picturesque locations imaginable on the edge of the largest lagoon in the world. One side of the island overlooks shallow Marovo Lagoon where dugongs are known to feed, while the other side faces the open ocean just metres from walls dropping into 2km of water. At the southern end overlooking Charapoanna Passage is Uepi Island Resort – one of the most laid back spots in the Pacific. . .

I have been asked what I liked best, the Yongala or the Coral Sea?  Well, first off, I was so lucky to be able to dive the SS Yongala as the seas are often too choppy but we had 3 great days and got all our dives in.  Fred Headley was my guide for the trip and without him this would not have been possible.  Jane, Fred’s wife, accompanied us and what a time we all had together.  We were with Yongala Dive and they provided exceptional service from dive briefs to yummy snacks during the dive break and then a delicious BBQ on our return.
The seas were a bit choppy heading out to the location and it took us about an hour to reach it.  But once we went under, this most amazing dive site welcomed us with its magnificent display of beautiful fish.  We could hardly see the ship through the millions of fish.  . . . 

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