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What makes Dive Log unique . . . it is irrelevant whether it is in printed form, online or as the amazing App for your iPad! Dive Log is unique because of it's content. It is out every month, packed with the latest local and overseas news content, short and precise - just what divers want!

Other e-readers make the comments:

  • "Advertisers should be rapt in this version of the publication. The format encourages reading of the advertisements where a paper publication did not."  - Trevor McDonald, Croydon, Vic
  • "Having Dive Log delivered to me on my iPad on the day of it's release is a bonus." - Ian Grimes, Bellbowrie, QLD
  • "Great content, information and useful advertising." - David Toyne, Chatswood West, NSW
  • "I was an avid reader of the paper version but the app just blows me away." - Martin Davies

With 7,500 App downloads from the App shop plus many thousands of hits on the online site, Dive Log surpasses it's print version readership! Dive Log, how Australian divers communicate . . .

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